Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ Unknown Man, Tintype

This framed tintype is about 2" by 2.5". I know it came from my mother's family, but I don't know for sure which grandparent it came from, so he could be a relative on the Copeland or Greeley line (my grandfather) or the Hunter or Lysle line (my grandmother).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ M. B. Adsit and C. C. Adsit Jr. Circa 1893

The back has my grandmother's distinctive handwriting:

M. B. Adsit (Mary Bowman (Ashby) Adsit)
C. C. Adsit Jr. (Charles Chapin Adsit, Jr.)

(The very light penciled handwriting in the upper right-hand corner is my handwriting, clarifying that this is Mary B. A. Adsit (1866-1956), though since I wrote that, I learned that she was older than she said. See Matrilineal Monday ~ My Kentucky Great Grandmother.)

This is the older brother and mother of Elizabeth Adsit (1897-1983), my paternal grandmother. Charles, Jr. was born in July 1892, so this photograph was taken before his younger sister was born, likely in late 1893.

Max Platz was a well-known Chicago photographer in the late 19th century. He died in early 1894 and his studio was continued by a business associate, according to his obituary.