Some Surnames I'm researching

The following surnames are all of the surnames of my ancestors going back to my 3rd great grandparents (and several 4th great grandparents). I include country of origin if I have been able to determine it, in many cases going back several more generations. If I have done a "Surname Saturday" post, I have linked it here.

Adsit (England, Connecticut, New York, Illinois)
Alston (Scotland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Ashby (England, Virginia, Kentucky)
Atwater (England, Connecticut, Nova Scotia)
Benson (Virgina, Kentucky)
Bowman (Virginia, Kentucky)
Carr (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Chapin (England, Massachusetts)
Christian (Kentucky)
Copeland (England, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois)
Davenport (Rhode Island, New York)
Ellis (England, Massachusetts, Maine)
Farrar / Farrow (England, Massachusetts, Maine)
Franklin (Virginia, Kentucky)
Freeland (Scotland, Ontario, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Fullerton (Scotland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Gorin (Virginia, Kentucky)
Greeley (England, Massachusetts, Illinois)
Hadley (Maine, Nova Scotia)
Haight (Dutchess County, New York)
Hull (England, Connecticut, Nova Scotia)
Hunter (Ireland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Hunter (Scotland, Ireland - maiden name of James McAlpin's wife)
Ives (Connecticut, England)
Johnston (Scotland - maiden name of John Alston's wife)
Lowell (England, Massachusetts, Maine)
Lyman (England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire)
Lysle (Pennsylvania)
May (England, Massachusetts)
McAlpin (Scotland, Ireland, New York, New Jersey)
McIlwaine (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Metcalf (Connecticut, New York)
Morgan (Nova Scotia)
Page (England, Massachusetts)
Pyle (England, Pennsylvania, Nova Scotia, New York, New Jersey)
Rainey (Ireland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Read (New Hampshire)
Robinson (Massachusetts, Maine)
Rood (Massachusetts or Connecticut)
Rose (England, New York, New Jersey)
Sewall (England, Massachusetts)
Smith (England[?], Massachusetts, Maine)
Stanton (England, Connecticut, Rhode Island(?))
Townsend (England, Massachusetts, Maine)
Tuttle (England, Connecticut, Massachusetts)
Walthall (Virginia, Kentucky)
Wells (New Hampshire)
Whitman (Pennsylvania (maybe), Nova Scotia, New York)
Willet (or Willett) (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey)
Willis (Massachusetts)
Wilson (Pennsylvania)

See a pie chart of the birthplaces of my 16 second great grandparents here.

For the following surnames, visit my other genealogy blog at A Jewish Genealogy Journey:

Goldstein (Iaşi, Romania; New York; New Jersey)
Handler (Ilok/Újlak/Illok in former Hungary (then Yugoslavia, now Croatia); Ohio; New Jersey)
Hollander (Bonyhád, Hungary; Ohio)
Honenvald (Hőgyész, Hungary)
Kohn (Bonyhád, Hungary)
Levitas/Levitt (Husiatyń, Ukraine (formerly part of Galicia, Austria); New Jersey)
Moskowitz (Iaşi, Romania)
Pollack (Hőgyész, Hungary)
Segal/Seigel (Shytomir/Zhytomyr, Ukraine; New Jersey)
Weisz (Hőgyész, Hungary)
Yancu (Iaşi, Romania; Israel)  The family story is that the immigrant ancestor changed his surname to Goldstein at Ellis Island, which I disproved (because names were never changed at Ellis Island), but it's possible that he changed his name in Romania before immigrating.