How to follow me

I am hoping that family members and others who might be interested in reading items in my family history blog will "follow me" as postings are made. I may have several postings in a week, then there may be a week or two when other parts of my life take over, and nothing new will be posted.

There are a few ways to keep up-to-date on my blog postings:

On the right side of every page, you should see "Subscribe to My Blog." The first option is to follow using RSS (Real Simple Syndication). If you want to learn more about RSS feeds, what they are and how they work, search "RSS" or "RSS reader" or "RSS feeds" in your favorite search engine.

The RSS reader that I now use (because I can read my blogs on my computer and on my iPhone) is Feedly. Click on follow us in feedly if you use Feedly as your RSS reader.

If you are not familiar with RSS feeds, or you would prefer to receive notices of updated blog entries by email, you can enter your email address in the box under "Get New Posts by Email," click on the <subscribe> button, and read and follow the instructions, which are in place in order to minimize spam. Be sure to look for the confirmation email that you will receive and click on the link to confirm your email subscription. Note that as of June 2021, I have updated my email subscription service to due to Google Blogger discontinuing the use of FeedBurner to send email notifications of blog posts.

Please contact me if you have something to share. My email address is elizhandler -at- (Replace the -at- with @)

If you want to follow me using Social Media, you can find me on Facebook, and Twitter (@ElizHandler).

Thank you for following my blog.