Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sports Center Saturday ~ Dad and golf

My dad played golf most of his life. There are numerous newspaper clippings about the tournaments he played in over the years in a folder he labeled "scrapbook" but he never got around to completing a golf scrapbook.

One of his achievements was playing in the 54th Amateur Championship of the USGA (U.S. Golf Association) in August 1954 at the Country Club of Detroit in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. Dad had just turned 30 earlier that summer.

This tournament was won by Arnold Palmer, who turned professional a few months after winning.

Included in the "scrapbook" folder are a couple of programs from the 1954 USGA Amateur. These are a couple of pages from one of the programs that lists the players and their tee times.

Below is the list of players in the "P"s, enlarged so you can see Arnold Palmer listed at the top and Charles M. Pyle, Jr. listed at the bottom.

The reason I decided to write about Dad and golf is that I found a couple of newspaper articles from Springfield, Massachusetts, in that mentioned New Englanders playing in the tournament. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

August 22, 1954, Springfield (Mass.) Sunday Republican

Charles M. Pyle, Jr.'s name doesn't appear until farther down the page:
August 22, 1954, Springfield (Mass.) Sunday Republican

He won his first round on Monday, August 23,
August 24, 1954, Springfield (Mass.) Union

but lost his next round.
August 25, 1954, Springfield (Mass.) Union

And one of my favorite photos of my dad from my childhood (dated Fall 1970 on the back):

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