Monday, August 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History ~ Weddings

Week 35: Weddings. Tell us about your wedding.

We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last Thursday. Not only did we have a formal photographer who did a great job, but we had family members who took snapshots during the weekend. It was fun to look through the old photos and when this week's "52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History" came out with the wedding subject, I couldn't resist sharing some memories and snapshots of the weekend.

We had a relatively small wedding, about 60 guests, outside, less than a week after Hurricane Bob slammed into New England. However, the setting for our wedding was at my family's summer home on the North Shore of Boston, and was not affected by Hurricane Bob.

My two best friends were my matron of honor and maid of honor, and with both my husband and me having three brothers, we had a best man and five ushers.

I am very grateful to my sister-in-law for all she did to help me with preparing for the event and for taking snapshots and I am thankful to my aunt who also took pictures and put together an album for me.

View of the house and tents from the water
The ceremony was held under the smaller tent and the reception was held under the larger tent.

View of the tents from the house

The day before: Dad under the tent as preparations were underway
We had absolutely beautiful weather. The joke was that Dad was in charge of paying the bills and taking care of the weather. He came through on both counts!

View from the terrace
When the rabbi said "You may kiss the bride," people on the two boats that you see in the center of this snapshot began honking horns and cheering. I have no idea who they were, but it had quite an effect!

The groom and bride
Happy 20th Anniversary!

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  1. What a lovely wedding and setting. Happy anniversary to you!

  2. Amy, thank you for the comment and the well wishes.

  3. Happy 20th Anniversary! What a wonderful story. Your wedding location was absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessica, thanks for reading and commenting.