Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Dad in 1940

In honor of finding Dad and his step-father in the 1940 census, I share the following:

Charles McAlpin Pyle, Jr. and his step-father, Edgar Carter Rust.
May 11, 1940 is stamped on the back - possibly the date the photo was developed
I don't know the location.

Charles McAlpin Pyle, Jr., 1941
He graduated from Brooks School in 1942. Could this be his senior picture?

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  1. These are lovely photos Elizabeth, there's such a lovely expression on his face in the school picture (I wonder what he was thinking?)

    And you are so lucky to be able to find your family in the 1940 census. Over here in Scotland we've only just got access to the 1911 one - I have a bit of a wait ahead of me before I get access to any from the 40s!

  2. Great photos, Elizabeth. I really like the casual pose in the one of your dad with his step-father.

  3. Lizzy
    i suspect that photo was taken during a March spring break trip to Santa Barbara where Libby and Pop liked to go.

  4. Thanks all for the comments. The first photo was scanned or photographed from an album and I'll bet if I looked more closely, I'd find notes indicating where they were vacationing. Russ - you're probably right.