Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sympathy Saturday ~ Marion Helen (Alston) Lysle

Thank you to a reader of my blog who did a little bit of Pittsburgh research for me, I have the death record for my second great grandmother, Marion Helen (Alston) Lysle.

Allegheny City, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Death Register: Certificate Date: May 4, 1885.
Record for Marion H. Lysle, died May 2, 1885.
Marion H. Lysle, white, female, 38 years old, married, died 2 May 1885. Cause of death was Enteric Hemorrhage. Residence was 25 Boyle Street. Burial was at Union Dale Cemetery on May 4, 1885.

In addition to her husband, George Lysle, she left a daughter, Marguerite Lysle, age 8 1/2, and a son, George Barton Lysle, age 6 1/2, absolutely adorable in this photo.

See her headstone at Find A Grave.


  1. What a nice blog reader to do that important bit of research. I'm glad she/he found your post!

  2. Yeah for the reader!!! Thanks for sharing your good find.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am grateful for random acts of genealogical kindness. I'm due to pass it forward.

  4. How nice that someone was able to look this up for you-- I believe PA's records are not public, so you really can't find this online.

    Poor lady, she was so young, and to leave little kids...

    1. This was found on microfilm at a Pittsburgh library. Yes, I've always thought how sad for my great grandmother and her brother to lose their mother when they were so young.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.