Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Aunt Lukie

My second great aunt Ruth Lyman Greeley Copeland died on November 21, 1975. A kind Find A Grave volunteer had set up memorials for my Copeland family members in Calais Cemetery, Calais, Maine, where my great-grandfather Lowell Copeland is buried with his siblings and parents. See Ruth Copeland's Calais Find A Grave memorial. The following photos are courtesy of Find A Grave volunteer Susan E. and were taken at Calais Cemetery, Calais, Maine.

Charles T. 1860-1952
Lowell 1862-1935
his wife
Ethel G. 1875-1931
his wife
Ruth G. 1878-
Katherine 1874-1924
wife of
Wm. H. Dunbar 1862-1935

Note that Lowell's second wife, Ruth G., is noted with a birth year and not a death year.

Well it turns out that she is actually buried at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois, with her parents. See her Chicago Find A Grave memorial.

Photo courtesy Find A Grave volunteer R Lerch
Ruth Greeley
July 14, 1878 - Nov. 21, 1975

I previously wrote about the plot card for this lot. If you didn't know the family, you might wonder why a Copeland was buried in the Greeley lot in Chicago. Well, now you know: Samuel Sewall Greeley (1824-1916) was her father.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I often wonder why the death date isn't inscribed on the stones. I hadn't thought about the fact that the person might be buried in another cemetery entirely. Learn something new everyday.

    For my Grandpa Geiszler, his estate was turned over to the estate. I guess no one got around to placing his death date on the stone. I took care of it when I learned of the oversight. A little closure for me, since he was my grandfather after all.

    1. I had wondered too about only the birth date on the Maine stone, so it was nice to learn why. In another branch of my family, I found a 2nd great grandmother who was the last one buried in a family plot and hers is the only name not inscribed on the stone.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth-- I LOVE Find A Grave, what an ingenious resource! I wonder what genealogists did before the Internet, truly.

    And I'm surprised that someone would have a stone in one cemetery but be buried in another...

    1. I have 4 relatives who have two Find A Grave memorials: one where the person is buried and one as a memorial stone. I just checked, and they are all part of this Copeland family - Aunt Lukie, who is buried with her father's family in Chicago, and other Copelands, who have memorials in Calais, Maine, and in Forest Hills in Boston. (I'm not sure which of those are memorials and which represent where they are buried.)