Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Tip ~ Scotland, Births, Baptisms, and Marriages

I have been working on my maternal Scottish ancestry recently (Freeland and Alston) and I wanted to know where in Scotland David Freeland and John Alston came from. I visited the website for the National Library of Scotland and on its home page, there was a suggestion that records could be found at FamilySearch.org. On the search page, I clicked on United Kingdom and Ireland and found that when I filtered for Scotland, the following indexes were available to search:
Scotland, Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950 and Scotland, Marriages, 1561-1910.

In searching for James and David Freeland, I was able to find that James Freeland was born on May 6, 1814, in Govan, Lanark, Scotland, to David Freeland and Barbara Fullarton Arroll. With that information, I adjusted my search to capture the births for ALL the children of David Freeland and Barbara Fullerton Arroll.

I then found David Freeland and Barbara Fullerton Arrol were married on July 30, 1809, in Govan, Lanark, Scotland.

I then found indexed birth records for David Freeland and his siblings, to James Freeland and Ann Lang, in Glasgow, Scotland.

And indexed birth records for three Arrol/Arroll children for Charles Arroll and Barbara Fullerton in Glasgow.

If anyone can provide advice on Scottish naming patterns, I would love to confirm whether this record indicates that the first daughter, Barbara, died and the second was named for the first daughter and her mother's maiden name. (Unfortunately, death records weren't common at this time in Scotland.)


After finding for a birth record for my 3rd great-grandfather, John Alston, showing he was born on September 2, 1806, I was also able to find the eight children of his parents, John Alston and Jean Jamieson (a new name for my tree) in the birth index for Symington, Lanark, Scotland.

3rd great-grandfather, John Alston, married Lillias Johnston on June 28, 1833, in Glasgow.

And I found a November 23, 1795, marriage record for 4th great-grandfather, John Alstone, and Jean Jamieson in Covington and Thankerton, Lanark, Scotland.

And it looks like I can go back a few generations on these Scottish lines, but will need to do more research to (1) learn more about researching in Scotland, and (2) what records are available.

I need more hours in the day...


  1. Interesting! I have bookmarked some of your links from this post and will use them when I have time to do a little more researching on my Scottish ancestors (Muntz and McGraw) Those are both very common and I have had a devil of a time finding information about MY line. haha

    This is a great blog you have here. I look forward to reading more!


    1. I'm glad that this post helped you - I was pleasantly surprised to find these Scottish records and look forward to finding additional information.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!