Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday ~ Edgar Carter Rust and Elizabeth Adsit Pyle

On Valentine's Day, I shared a 1937 love note to my grandmother, Elizabeth Adsit, from her second husband, Edgar Carter Rust.

I recently obtained their marriage record from the Family History Library photo duplication services.

Edgar Carter Rust and Elizabeth Adsit Pyle married at the "Fifth Ave. Pres. Ch." on 12 August 1933. He was 50; she was 36. The one error I see in this record is that Edgar was widowed; his first wife, Rosamond Pierce Weeks, died on 19 December 1931, leaving Edgar with four children.

I love the second page, where I can recognize my step-grandfather's signature (same as the love note) and my grandmother's handwriting, and the only place I have ever seen her signature as Elizabeth Adsit Pyle!

The witnesses were George W. Kuehn, a son-in-law of Rust, and Charles C. Adsit, Libby's brother.

This was a very happy marriage. Edgar C. Rust died in July 1963, about a month before they would have celebrated 30 years of marriage. This picture is from the summer of 1962, with Libby having just turned 65 and Dad Rust (as we refer to him) almost 80 years old.


  1. Maybe Pop had been divorced...

    1. I doubt Pop had time to marry and divorce between December 1931 and the summer of 1933. This is just one of those errors that appear in records.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!