Friday, October 17, 2014

Grandfather Out West ~ Photos #3

Here are more photographs my my Grandfather Lowell Townsend Copeland's 1917 trip to Wyoming and Montana. See the first group of photos here and group #2 here.

Wyoming 1917
"Bear-Tooth" Mountain and Lake

You can search the Internet for images of Beartooth Mountain and see recent photographs of this same mountain.

Wyoming Montana 1917
Mrs. Sidley and me/I [Lowell Townsend Copeland] at "Bear-Tooth" Lake.

Montana 1917
Mr. Sidley and Bill.

I wonder what they're doing hanging over the water?

Montana 1917
Bill and his horse "Bluebell" on our way to Red Lodge, Montana

And for the last photo: Can you figure out what is going on here before reading the caption?

Montana 1917
Bill + Mrs. Sidley.
Bill is having his hair washed at the last camp.

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