Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Granville Bowman - Kentucky Politician and Postmaster

In preparing the sketch for my 4th great-grandfather, Granville Bowman, last week, I found some additional information about him.

According to Collins' Historical Sketches of Kentucky: History of Kentucky, Volume 2 (found at GoogleBooks), by Lewis Collins, Richard Henry Collins, published in 1878, Granville Bowman was a State Representative from Cumberland County in 1816.

A few years later, he decided to try for the State Senate. Also from - a newspaper notice announcing his run for the Kentucky State Senate:

Frankfort Argus, 26 April 1821
We are authorised to announce Granville
Bowman, Esq. a candidate to represent the
counties of Cumberland and Wayne in the
Senate of Kentucky.
It's hard to tell from the first image when Wm. Wood's term ended. (It reads 1814- )


From - Historical Documents results:

Source Description at Contracts -- transportation mail U.S. Letter from the Postmaster General, transmitting a statement of all mails established within the year ending 1st of July, 1837, of allowances made to contractors, and curtailments of mail transportation and pay, &c. April 13, 1838. Read, and laid upon the table.
Date: Friday, April 13, 1838 Publication: Serial Set Vol. No.329; Report: H.Doc. 329;

This document indicates that a contract was made with Granville Bowman - presumably to take care of these mail routes. It also notes that the previous person, Andrew Craig, failed to perform the service.

Granville may have been given this opportunity because, according to the Cumberland County, Kentucky USGenWeb site / Post Offices, Granville Bowman was appointed postmaster on March 3, 1828. (He only held the position for a couple of months.)

Interesting what you can find online!

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