Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Landing Page For My 32 Third Great-Grandparents

With yesterday's post about my third great-grandfather, Samuel Greele(y), I have now written at least one blog post about each of my thirty-two third great-grandparents.

I have created a new landing page, which you can see at the top of this blog no matter what page you might be viewing on the blog.

The ancestors are represented by their ahnentafel number. Each name is linked to a blog post about him or her, and these posts often include links to additional blog posts about that person or the family.

I have included my fourth great-grandparents where I know them.

If we share third great-grandparents, we are fourth cousins (or closer).

I am hoping that this will be a useful tool as I explore my DNA matches going forward. Instead of explaining my ancestry in each email that I send or that I reply to, I can direct possible genetic matches to this page here at my blog.

Take a look - do any of these names look familiar? Could we be cousins close enough to share a significant amount of DNA? Let me know! (And let me know if you have tested at FamilyTreeDNA or


  1. Good idea to create a separate landing page! Hope you get a lot of hits!

    1. Marian - I kind of got the idea from your landing pages. I like to explore straightforward surname pages when I first visit someone's blog and I'm hoping others feel the same way when they visit mine!

      Thanks for the comment!