Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy 7th Blogiversary to From Maine to Kentucky

I started this blog in 2011 to share stories with my family and maybe connect with some more distant cousins. I have not only shared stories and connected with distant cousins, but connected with the wider genealogy community.

I took a brief hiatus from blogging last summer when I spent 15 weeks obtaining my certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. Just this past week, I was invited to register for the next session of the ProGen Study Group starting in June. I'm excited for this new educational opportunity but will keep blogging.

Some favorite blog posts of mine from this past year include two DNA posts:

DNA Toolbox ~ This is as much for my reference as it is for my readers!

DNA Resources at DNA Painter Website ~ This post quickly became my most-viewed post of the past seven years.

I also shared a fun feature of Family Tree Maker at Family Tree Maker Color Coding, which prompted me to write a Surname Saturday blog post for Simon Tuttle (about 1560-1630). Three of my four grandparents descend from him! If you can trace your ancestry to colonial New England, I'll bet I'm related to you!

And, of course, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is prompting me to share stories about different relatives, some direct ancestors and some not. I am thrilled that due to one of the prompts, I gathered lots of wonderful stories about my Great Aunt Margie who never married but is fondly remembered.

Snapshot of very old negatives
and their envelopes in my collection
As I shared at blog posts Questions for my Grandmother and The Old Homestead in Old Allegheny, I have digitized hundreds of old negatives from the early 1900s to the 1940s and I hope to share these in upcoming Wordless Wednesday posts.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you're enjoying learning about my ancestors (especially if they're your ancestors) and / or learning about family history research by reading some of my posts.


  1. Happy 7th blogiversary, Elizabeth! I enjoy your post and look forward stories.

  2. A very belated happy blogiversary to my almost blogging twin!

    1. Debi, thank you for your comment. And I do remember we both started about the same time!

  3. Happy blogiversary!!! I was invited to this next ProGen group, too, but had to turn it down for now. I hope you have a wonderful learning experience!

    1. Dana, thanks for the comment and I hope you find time to participate in a future ProGen Study Group.

  4. Wow 7 years! Congratulations!