Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Greeley Half Cousins - Harriet's Second Marriage

Harriet (Greeley) Crocker became a widow at 32 years old with four children under the age of ten. It was another three years before she remarried.

She married Norman Harrower of Fitchburg and had one son with him. In 1930, they were living on Flat Rock Road, either next door or very close to her former parents-in-law in Fitchburg. The Alvah Crocker household immediately preceded the Norman Harrower household in the census.

1930 U.S. Census, Worcester County, Massachusetts, population schedule, Fitchburg Ward 3, enumeration district 174, sheet 14A, dwelling 166, family 357, Norman Harrower; image, Ancestry (https://www.ancestry.com : accessed 21 July 2019); citing NARA microfilm publication T626, roll 963.

Dwelling 165, Family 356 was the household for Alvah Crocker, who owned his $50,000 house and was president of a paper manufacturing company. He and his wife were both 22 years old when they married.

Alvah CrockerHead of household71Massachusetts
Charlotte CrockerWife70New York

The household included five servants: housekeeper, cook, chambermaid, parlor maid, and kitchen maid.

Dwelling 166, Family 357 was the household for Norman Harrower, who owned his $30,000 house and worked as an agent in a paper mill (likely for the Crocker family). He was 32 at his first marriage; Harriet was 23 at her first marriage.

Norman HarrowerHead of household42Massachusetts
Harriet G. HarrowerWife43Illinois
Norman Harrower Jr.Son8Massachusetts
Helen T. CrockerStepdaughter13France
Alvah Crocker 3rdStepson20France
Frederick G. CrockerStepson18France

The household included three servants: one was a caretaker but the other two didn't have specific occupations other than servant. The youngest servant, Isabelle, was born in France and perhaps Harriet wanted her children to not forget how to speak the French language. (They were born in France.) The household was missing the eldest Crocker daughter, 21-year-old Annie, who was traveling at the time.

It is interesting to note that although the three Crocker children were born in France, the census clearly noted that they were American Citizens. (You can see AM. CIT. written next to their birthplace.) Also, the Crocker family (Alvah and Charlotte) did not own a radio set but the Harrower family did. (Look for the "R" in the column after the house value column.)

So much can be learned from census records!

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