Sunday, September 25, 2011

School Board Member George Lysle

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 23, 1900

Unfortunately, the death notice for George Lysle, Jr. doesn't give much information about his life, but I have found much information about his family elsewhere. I have already written about this great great grandfather, George Lysle, Jr., as a coal merchant with his father and brothers. While searching newspapers at the Chronicling America website for information about him, I found that he was on the school board in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania in 1889.

Pittsburg Dispatch, January 8, 1889
 It looks like he was appointed to fill the place of a resignee in January 1889.

Pittsburg Dispatch, January 12, 1889
He was on the suggested "ward ticket" for one of three School Directors at a meeting of the Republicans of the Third ward, Allegheny, on February 11, 1889.

Pittsburg Dispatch, February 21, 1889
And then he was elected at an election in February 1889. Looks like politics started running in the family a very long time ago.

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