Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mayflower Passenger Ancestors

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I share below my two known Mayflower lines. I've known about my descent from John Howland and Elizabeth and John Tilley (through my father) for quite awhile. A couple of years ago, I found that through my mother, I am descended from James Chilton.

Mayflower passenger names are bolded.

John Tilley (1571 - 1620) and Joan Hurst (about 1568 - 1621)
Elizabeth Tilley (1607 - 1687) and John Howland (1592 - 1673)
Desire Howland and John Gorham
Mercy Gorham and George Denison
Thankful Denison and Thomas Stanton
Robert Stanton and Anna Stanton
Thankful Stanton and Lodowick Stanton
Mary Stanton and Jedidiah Willett

James Chilton (1563 – 1620) and wife unknown
Mary Chilton (1607 – 1679) married John Winslow (brother of Gov. Edward Winslow)
  (Tradition says that Mary Chilton was the first woman who came ashore from the Mayflower.)
Susanna Winslow and Robert Latham
Mercy Latham and Isaac Harris
Desire Harris and John Kingman
Mary Kingman and Samuel Copeland
Samuel Copeland and Mary Owen
Abraham Copeland and married Elizabeth Tupper
Nathaniel Copeland and Mary Page
My mother and Charles McAlpin Pyle, Jr.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Very nice-- I'm descended from John Billington (the first English colonist to be hanged for murder, heh) and Isaac Allerton.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, my husband is descended from Isaac Allerton (via Mary, his daughter, actually) and through Degory Priest and Sarah Allerton. Small world! Thanks for your post,