Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ~ James and Mary Hunter

James Hunter
June 20, 1844 - October 17, 1902

Mary Freeland Hunter
February 11, 1850 - March 14, 1902

These are my second great grandparents. Both of them were born and died in Allegheny City or Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. According to the back of both photographs, these were taken at J. M & E. K. Abrams, (Successors to B. Uhle) Photographers, 90 & 92 Federal Street, Allegheny, Pa.

James and Mary were married in April 1871. I used the name of the photographer imprinted on the back of the photos to explore whether these might have been taken at the time of their wedding. However, I find A. B. Uhle, Photographer, at 92 Federal Street in an 1875 Pittsburgh City Directory, so these were taken after 1875. 

My descent from James Hunter and Mary Freeland > Percy Earle Hunter > Helen Lysle Hunter > My mother > me. 

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  1. Lovely photos, Elizabeth-- you're very fortunate to have them! I'll bet they would look terrific in a double frame of some type. I see a strong resemblance between you and Mary.

    Going by Mary's hairstyle and the style of James' suit, I'd say this was taken in the mid 1870's.

  2. Karen, Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree about dating the photo as sometime in the 1870's. I may try looking at more Pittsburgh City Directories to see when the photographer Abrams took over photographer Uhle's business, which might help narrow down the date.

  3. Have you tried the digital images of Historic Pittsburgh, it is from the University of Pittsburgh.

    I live in Allegheny County and use this all the time, as well as Heniz History Center Library and Archives. They have a researcher you can contact to do searches.

    1. Claudia, Yes, I am somewhat familiar with this website, but have not explored it fully. I have found the historic city directories and will be blogging about using them in an upcoming post.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.