Monday, January 23, 2012

Military Monday ~ Ashby Connections

My second great grandfather, Daniel Morgan Ashby, was born in January 1828 and died July 13, 1907. I do not have a primary source record for his birth. All the records I have indicate that he was born in Kentucky (census records, death certificate), I'm just not sure where, as different sources indicate different counties.

Several years ago, I connected with a Kentucky researcher who was able to provide me with D. M. Ashby's ancestry to immigrant ancestor, Thomas Ashby (b. 1680, England, d. 1752, Virginia): 

Daniel Morgan5 Ashby (1828-1907), Stephen4 Ashby (1805-1829), Daniel3 Ashby (1759-1834), Stephen2 Ashby (1710-1797), Thomas1 Ashby (1680-1752)

Please note that some of this is considered secondary source information. I am hoping to ultimately find some primary source evidence to prove Daniel Morgan Ashby's parentage, which would be great. By confirming his parents, this would make the connection to the Virginia Ashby family, of which there is a lot of information.

Confederate Commander Turner Ashby (information at Wikipedia) has the following ancestry:

Turner5 Ashby, Jr. (1828-1862), Turner4 Ashby (1789 - 1834), John3 Ashby (1740-1815), Robert2 Ashby (1710/15-1792), Thomas1 Ashby (1680-1752)

The number after each man's name indicates the generation since the immigrant ancestor, who in this case is Thomas Edward Ashby. My second great grandfather is a third cousin to Turner Ashby, Jr. which makes me a third cousin four times removed to Confederate Commander (not actually General) Turner Ashby.

May 10, 2013 update: After reviewing The Ashby Book by Lee Fleming Reese (1976) for a Surname Saturday blog post, I have updated Turner Ashby's ancestry. The author was able to prove that his line was through Thomas' son Robert, not his son John.

Interestingly, D. M. Ashby was drafted into the Union Army, as he lived in Kentucky. 

My descent from Daniel Morgan Ashby > Mary Bowman Ashby > Elizabeth Adsit > Charles McAlpin Pyle, Jr. > me.

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