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Orramel Chapin Moving West Part 2

This is a continuation of the tracing of my third great grandparents as they migrated westward during the nineteenth century. See Part 1 here.

Port Washington, Dist. No. 15, Port Washington, Washington County, Wisconsin, is where I find the Chapin family in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census, and now we get to see the names of all the others in the household, as well as some occupations.

O. Chapin, age 59, born in Massachusetts, works as a Forwarder. Relationships to head of household are not indicated (this doesn't happen until the 1880 U.S. Federal Census), but based on other research, relationships are as follows:
O. (Orramel) Chapin is the Head of Household
Susan Chapin, age 51, born in Massachusetts is Wife
H. H. Harrison, age 39, born in N.Y. is Son-In-Law and is also a Forwarder
Jane E. Harrison, age 27, born in Massachusetts, is Daughter
Alfred R. Chapin, age 25, born in Connecticut, is Son and works as a Clerk
Sarah H. Chapin, age 16, born in N.Y. is Daughter-In-Law, who married Alfred that summer 1850 (yes, at age 16)
Henry Harrison, age 4, born in Illinois, Grandson (Jane and H. H.'s son)
Lena Hamit, age 15, born in Germany is perhaps a servant.
I don't show it in this image, but William and Sarah Toogood are listed just above O. Chapin. I believe that they are Sarah H. (Toogood) Chapin's parents.


In 1860, 69-year-old Orramel Chapin and his wife Susan are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the household of their daughter and son-in-law and their children.

Son-in-law Hiram H. Harrison, age 42, born in New York and a Produce Dealer, is the head of household. Again, without specifying the relationship of household members to the listed head, I deduce the following:
Jane E. Harrison, age 38, born in Massachusetts is Wife
Henry C. Harrison, age 13, born in Illinois, is Son
Alfred C. Harrison, age 9, born in Wisconsin, is Son
Lester C. Harrison, age 4, born in Wisconsin, is Son
Wallace C. Harrison, age 2, born in Wisconsin, is Son
Oramel Chapin, age 69, born in Massachusetts, is Father-In-Law
Susan Chapin, age 61, born in Massachusetts, is Mother-In-Law
Hattie Twogood, age 21, born in Illinois is possibly a Sister-In-Law of his wife's, but I have not done much research on this family.
The next two are servants. With his real estate valued at $20,000 and personal estate valued at $25,000, his was a family that could afford to hire servants.


Orange Chapin's 1862 The Chapin Genealogy notes that he "removed to Lyons, Iowa, Oct. 1861" but I haven't learned much about Iowa resources in order to confirm that Orramel or Susan lived there or if either of them died there.

According to Gilbert W. Chapin's The Chapin book of genealogical data, with brief biographical sketches, of the descendants of Deacon Samuel Chapin, published in 1924, Orramel Chapin died in 1866 in Chicago, Illinois. Since his eldest daughter, Susan Arville Chapin, married James Monroe Adsit and remained in Chicago, it's possible he died in Chicago. I also have correspondence from Graceland Cemetery in Chicago that he is buried there, though there doesn't appear to be a gravestone. (See the Adsit plot where his daughter is buried at Find A Grave.)


My descent from my third great grandparents is as follows:

Orramel Chapin  =  Susan Rood
(1791-1866)          (1799-18??)
Susan Arville Chapin
Charles Chapin Adsit
Elizabeth Adsit
Charles McAlpin Pyle, Jr.

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