Friday, December 6, 2013

Libby Died 30 Years Ago Today

My paternal grandmother died 30 years ago today, on Tuesday, December 6, 1983. She had broken a hip about a year beforehand, and not been well for several months.

I was in college, well before the era of cellphones, and received a call on the dorm hall phone (remember those?) early in the morning of December 7 from my mother letting me know that Libby had died. (We children had always called her Libby.) has digitized images of The Boston Herald from 1848 to 1992. The following death notice ran on December 8 and December 9.

Edgar Carter Rust, a widower, was Libby's second husband, whom she married in 1933, after divorcing her first husband. They are both buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Manchester, Mass.

I have written about Libby several times:
See a photo of her and her brother in an early 20th century car.
She played tennis very well as a young woman.
See photos of her at her 1916 debut tea.
Read about her high society 1919 wedding.


  1. My goodness, do I ever remember those old dorm phones that were out in the hall. So many important conversations took place on them. I hadn't thought about them in years.

    I enjoyed the links to the other posts about your grandmother. She sounds like a really interesting woman. And, the wedding announcement in the one post was absolutely amazing.

    1. My paternal grandmother was of another era and I have lots of information about her (including that old newspaper with the wedding announcement).

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Wow, your grandmother Libby sounds like a neat lady-- love the photo of her at her debut tea... makes me wish we stills dressed like that. I was chaperoning a field trip out of town (I was a teacher at the time) when my own grandmother died in 2001-- didn't have a cell phone, and there was no way for them to get a hold of me, so when I got home the house was empty and there was a note that Gramma had passed, and that my dad and brothers were in Boston for the funeral.

    1. Libby was of a different era and I'm sorry I never got to talk to her about family history. (I didn't have the interest then.) Sorry to hear about your abrupt learning of your own grandmother's death. It's amazing what a difference technology has made in sharing news like this.
      As always, thanks for reading and commenting.