Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday's Obituary ~ John Alston, 1882

  ALSTON-On Tuesday morning, April 4, 1882,
at his residence, No 14 Sampson Street, Allegheny
City, JOHN ALSTON, in his 76th year.
  The funeral will take place from the residence
of his son-in-law, George Lysle, No. 21 Montgom-
eery avenue, Allegheny City, on THURSDAY AFTER-
NOON at 3:30 [or 8:30?] o'clock.

Google News Archives is no longer digitizing newspapers, but does have a few images at its website, and I found this death notice in the April 5, 1882, issue of the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette.


  1. I'm always slightly surprised when I see an old obituary where the funeral takes place at a residence--though I know that it was a common practice back then.

    1. Sheryl, I have seen enough references to at-home funerals that it doesn't surprise me anymore. We don't see these in the 21st century!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!