Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthplaces Pedigree

Years ago, one of my brothers commented that our recent ancestors moved around a lot. I agreed but never figured out how to graphically share that fact here on my blog.

In the past couple of days, genealogists have been creating charts in Excel showing the birth places of their ancestors covering five generations. I couldn't resist and I have to share it because this truly shows what my brother had noted years ago.

Other than my maternal grandmother's line, there is a lot of color in this chart! I even tried to choose the colors so that red, orange and yellow represent births in Nova Scotia and New England and green, blue and purple represents births in New York and New Jersey down to Kentucky and out to Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Thank you to Lorine McGinnis Schulze at Olive Tree Genealogy for my first look at this, as well as Jana Last at Jana's Genealogy and Sally Knudsen at SallySearches and all those other genealogists on Facebook who are sharing theirs!


  1. What I always find amazing is that people found partners who began a long way away from their own beginnings. Illinois and Kentucky - maybe not too far apart. My Aunt Kate who married my maternal grandmother's brother was born in Pasadena, CA = a long way from the Merle-Smiths east coast roots!

    1. Yes it is interesting - I should make sure I share the stories that I do know.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!