Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Grandmother and Her Sisters ~ National Sibling Day

I was going to find a photo of me and my brothers for National Sibling Day, but two days ago, I got an envelope full of old photos. (Thank you to my aunt who gave them to my mother!)

In this envelope were photos from the early 1900s to the late 1980s, with several photos that I had not seen before.

My maternal grandmother, Helen Hunter, was the youngest of five girls born within 7 1/2 years to Percy and Marguerite Hunter.

Here are a series of photographs of the sisters (and sometimes their mother) from 1907-1930:

1907: Caroline, Marion holding Helen, Marguerite, Margaret, Mary

Although I have all these dates from other sources, it was nice to see Percy and Marguerite's wedding date and all the daughters' birth dates in Percy's handwriting on the back of this photo:


Maybe 1909: "MUD PIES" Marion, Mary, Caroline, Margaret, and curly-headed Helen

I love seeing how much fun the girls were having while making mud pies!

Maybe 1910: In age order: Helen, Margaret, Mary, Caroline, Marion

It appears that Marion is dressed up, perhaps for a performance. There are several other photos of the sisters from this day. And unfortunately, I don't know what building is behind them.

I previously shared this one in 2011:

About 1911: Mary, Helen, Margaret, Marion, Caroline

Great Aunt Marion died on November 30, 1913. I previously shared a photo of the four younger sisters on this porch here, a post which includes links to other stories and photos of the sisters. Here is another one, with their mother, Marguerite, who looks sad.

Maybe 1914: Margaret, Mary, Marguerite, Helen, Caroline

The sisters are growing up:

About 1920-21: In age order: Helen, Margaret, Mary, Caroline

I was able to date this photo because the house number behind them is 5459. Pittsburgh City Directories have the Percy Hunter family living at 5459 Stanton Avenue from 1915-1921.

Then I don't have a photo of the four sisters until this snapshot, taken probably in the late 1960s:

Mary, Helen, Caroline, Margaret

Happy National Sibling Day!


  1. I love these pictures of the Hunter girls. They bring back so many memories of my Grandmother Caroline and time spent with Great Grandmother Hunter and "The Aunts" at the house on Middle Road in Allison Park. We have quite a legacy, Elizabeth.

    1. I love these photos too and I'm so glad I have been able to collect so many of them.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!