Monday, February 10, 2020

Same Name: Ruth ~ 52 Ancestors #6

This week's theme is Same Name. I have several branches of my family where I have trouble remembering different generations of ancestors because of names being repeated.

Here is a case where the name Ruth appears in seven generations. As I've noted before, a picture helps visualize this.

All the women named Ruth are shaded in purple. There are three named Ruth Lyman Wells: one was born Ruth Lyman and she married Eliphalet Wells; the second was her brother's daughter, who lived 1816-1882; the third was this Ruth's brother's daughter who lived 1862-1943. I shared several photos of her at Ruth Lyman Wells.

In 1910, Aunt Ruth Lyman Wells (b. 1862) shared an apartment on Pinckney Street in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston with her niece, Ruth Lyman Greeley (b. 1878). They had an Irish-born servant living with them.

1910 U.S. Census, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, population schedule, Boston, Ward 11, ED 1413, sheet 5A, dwelling 57, family 77, Ruth L. Wells [and Ruth L. Greeley]; image, Ancestry ( : accessed 28 September 2009), citing NARA microfilm publication T624, roll 618.
By 1920, they were living on Lime Street, less than half a mile away.

The niece, Ruth Lyman Greeley (1878-1975), known as Aunt Lukie, has several blog posts devoted to her. See: Aunt Lukie, Part 1, Aunt Lukie, Part 2, and Tombstone Tuesday ~ Aunt Lukie.

The last Ruth in the tree is my grandfather's sister, Ruth Lyman Copeland. I shared a yearbook photo of her. There are no recently-born women named Ruth.

I also shaded Elizabeth Willis in peach; her father, her grandfather, and her great-grandfather were named Benjamin Willis.

And of course, Samuel Sewall Greeley, shaded in pale green, was the fifth in a line of men named Samuel Greeley; it's nice that he got a middle name to distinguish him from his Samuel ancestors.

I also believe that Thomas Goodwin Wells (1809-1873) was at least the third generation of men named Thomas Wells, but I'm still looking for confirmation of his grandfather's identity.

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