Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wordless Wednesday ~ MyHeritage In Color™

Well, life got in the way of my good intention of blogging at least once a week in 2020. However, I have wanted to share this cool tool for awhile, and it's now free for just a few weeks.

MyHeritage In Color™ is Now Free and Unlimited for One Month!

MyHeritage In Color™ has been available to subscribers for a couple of months, but until April 22, they are offering unlimited use to everyone as a fun way to pass the time and enjoy colorizing your old black and white photos.

If you have old digitized black and white photos, visit MyHeritage In Color™, create an account and have some fun! Below are just a few of my many black and white photos that I have colorized:

About 1909: Marion Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Aunt Helen Rainey Hunter, Caroline Hunter, Mary Hunter
See a larger image at MyHeritage where you can view it with a slider.  Note that there is a palette icon in the lower left hand corner of the color image indicating that this is not an original photograph, but has been colorized.

About 1909: Margaret, Mary, Marguerite, Helen, Percy, and Caroline Hunter

See larger image at MyHeritage with slider.

About 1904: Charles C Adsit, Jr. and his sister, Elizabeth Adsit

See larger image at MyHeritage with slider. I originally shared the image on the right in 2011.

About 1929: Charles McAlpin Pyle, Jr.
See a larger image at MyHeritage with slider. I originally shared this at Dad's Pet Goat.

I have enjoyed seeing the colorized photos that other genealogists have shared. Share your links in the comments!

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