Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sara Carter Pyle

Thank you very much to my third cousin once removed who has recently spent some time going through old family memorabilia and shared the following photographs with me.

All three are of my second great-aunt, Sara Carter Pyle, sister of James Tolman Pyle. Unfortunately only one is dated, though I think they may all be from the 1880s.

Aunt Sarah [sic] Pyle McAlpin
sister of W. S. Pyle senior
William Scott Pyle's father
J.P.D.'s father

This one has 1888 on it, under the Fredricks logo.


My second great-aunt, Sara Carter Pyle (1863-1949) married Charles Williston McAlpin (1865-1942) in 1892. According to my cousin, she kept in touch with his branch of the family.

Here is an abbreviated family tree showing my great-grandparents (James Tolman Pyle and Frances Adelaide McAlpin), and how they're related to the others I reference in this post.

William Scott Pyle had three children, yet only one grandchild, the daughter of his son, William Scott Pyle, Jr. The back of the middle photograph is where someone explained the relationship:
Sara Pyle was the sister of William Scott Pyle, senior, who was William Scott Pyle [Jr]'s father.
William, Jr's daughter was Joan Tadea Pyle who married a man with the surname Dufault, therefore the initials, J. P. D.

I look forward to additional information that this cousin might be able to provide me.

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