Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Friday ~ my favorites

Many genealogists know about Dick Eastman's EOGN blog, but if you're relatively new to genealogy and have not heard about EOGN (Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter),  I just have to share that this is one of my favorites, and I find that the $10 annual subscription to his "Plus Edition" newsletter is well worth it! However, many of his postings can be read without the subscription, either by RSS feed or by subscribing to his (standard edition) email newsletter. If you are not familiar with EOGN, check it out. Some of the recent items that a reader might find interesting include an informative item about the current state of technology at The Internet of Things, his report from NGS, and an interesting historical fact about dinner knives. For other interesting genealogy tidbits, search his blog for "cousin" or "immigration."

I also want to share that if you have New England ancestors, a membership in the New England Historical and Genealogical Society is incredibly valuable. Membership in NEHGS gives you access to nearly 3,000 genealogical and historical collections in the form of online databases on its website at At $79.95, an annual membership may seem expensive, but if you have ancestors that were in the New England - New York area for any amount of time, I think that you will find membership in this Society well worth it. Although I have not been actively researching this entire time, I have been a member for almost (omg) 20 years.

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